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Zorabian Chicken Leg Boneless

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450 g


About Product

  • Description : This product is halal certified. Chicken leg boneless cubes is just what you need if you are craving a meaty meal. Juicy and tender, these cuts are crafted from the chicken leg and thigh. One of the best parts about this cut is that it remains juicy for a longer period without drying out.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 4 days

  • FSSAI License : 10017022006728

  • Ingredients : Boneless Chicken Legs.

  • How to Use : Done

  • Manufacturer Name : Dolavli

  • Manufacturer Address : Dolavli, Karjat-Khopoli Road, Post Jambrung, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra - 410201