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Yardley London English Lavender Perfumed Talc For Women

250 g



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About Product

  • Description : Indulge in the exquisite luxury of Yardley London's English Lavender Perfumed Talc for Women. This talcum powder is more than just a body care product; it's a fragrant journey that transports you to fields of therapeutic lavender in the English countryside. With every application, you'll experience the calming and soothing scent of lavender oil, combined with a hint of spicy musk, creating a perfect blend of elegance and relaxation.What sets Yardley's English Lavender Talc apart is the remarkable texture of the powder. Each fine grain feels like an individual thread of pure silk as it caresses your body, leaving your skin feeling extraordinarily smooth. The delicate fragrance lingers, ensuring a lasting feeling of freshness throughout the day.Yardley London, with its legacy of over 250 years, is a beacon of English luxury and quality. The House of Yardley specialises in crafting classic and premium floral fragrances that evoke the essence of exotic Englishness. With a rich heritage, Yardley London is one of England's most established purveyors of quality perfumes and soaps. Every Yardley product is a testament to the brand's commitment to authenticity, premium quality, and the use of natural fragrances.

  • Shelf Life : 36 months

  • Manufacturer Name : Wipro Enterprises Pvt Ltd

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