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Two Brothers A2 Cow Cultured Ghee Desi Gir Cow (Jar)

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250 ml



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About Product

  • Description : Handmade in small batches - Cultured A2 Ghee, this is not direct-cream ghee, but Ghee made using natural A2 yoghurt.The Cows are free-grazed and pasture raised on our certified organic farms - Two Brothers Organic Farms is certified by ECOCER. A2 Gir Cow Cultured Ghee is made using fresh Gir cow milk. The milk is brought to a boil and naturally cooled down to room temperature and inoculated with a natural starter culture and left overnight to make yoghurt.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 12 months

  • Manufacturer Name : TBOF FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED