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Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills Luxuria

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About Product

  • Description : We combined the two most sensational ingredients Chocolate and coffee together and Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills was made. A luscious blend of cocoa and coffee crme filled inside the rich, dark, caramelized crust.Indulge a little bit more every day with Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills, Bite into the crunchy, rich cookie and melt into the luxurious molten Coffee creme. Can make various other recipes using Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 6 months

  • FSSAI License : 1.0012E+13

  • Manufacturer Name : ITC Limited

  • Manufacturer Address : ITC Limited, 37, J.L. Nehru Road, Kolkata- 700071.