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Saffola Gold Oil (Pouch)

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About Product

  • Description : A healthy heart is among the first steps to overall health. So it is not about taking care when a problem arises, but ensuring you take small steps today to take pro-active care of your heart and health. The easiest step is to switch to foods that are healthier for your heart. And choosing the right cooking oil can help make your meals better for your heart and health.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 9 months

  • Ingredients : Refined Rice Bran Oil & Refined Sunflower Oil, Contains Permitted Antioxidants [319, 330, 304] And Anti Foaming Agent |900a| Free From Argemone Oil. Fortified With Vitamins A And D.

  • Manufacturer Name : Ameya Foods

  • Manufacturer Address : Ameya Foods, S. F. No-315, Angels Garden, Nagamanaicken Palayam, Pattanam (PO), Ondipudur (Via), Coimbatore - 641016.