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Raw Pressery Coconut Water

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About Product

  • Description : Every athlete�s go-to natural energy drink; Coconut Water is a complete win-win for your everyday rehydration needs. It is sourced carefully & responsibly, packed with electrolytes and boosts hydration. Moreover, coconut water being great for health will keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day.�BenefitsThis is one of the best drinks to keep you hydrated all through the day.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 7 months

  • Ingredients : Coconut Water (100%), Bio-Preservative (INS 234)

  • Manufacturer Name : Rakyan Beverages Pvt. Ltd

  • Manufacturer Address : Rakyan Beverages Pvt. Ltd, B-12, JWC Logistic Park Pvt. Ltd., National Highway No.17 Palaspe, Panvel, Maharashtra.