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Om Bhakti Cotton Flower Batti

60 piece


About Product

  • Description : Lighting Diyas and doing Aarati is a daily ritual at most of the Indian Homes. Cotton Wicks is the important part of the Diya. Wicks are usually made with Cotton, Cotton is one of the purest form of Fibre. Cotton Flower Wicks are traditionally made from natural high fibrous desi cotton. The Cotton type and the process of making the wick is very important in the effectiveness of the Cotton Wick.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Manufacturer Name : Om Bhakti Samagri

  • Manufacturer Address : Om Bhakti Samagri Kreations Pvt Ltd, 39/2-10, 1 Floor, Kalyani Gardens Industrial Estate, Banashankari Stage, P.O Ashok Nagar, Bangalore-560050.