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Odonil Room Air Freshner Spray - Citrus Fresh

220 ml



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About Product

  • Description : Odonil Room Spray Citrus Fresh is a refreshing air freshener that instantly revitalizes your space with its delightful citrus fragrance. The spray eliminates unpleasant odors and leaves a long-lasting, uplifting scent. Its easy-to-use nozzle allows you to spray it in any direction, making it perfect for use in any room. Enjoy a fresh and invigorating atmosphere in your home or office with Odonil Room Spray Citrus Fresh.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 36 months

  • Manufacturer Name : Dabur India Limited

  • Manufacturer Address : Dabur India Limited, Registered Office: 8/3, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002.