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Minimalist 02% Salicylic Acid + LHA Face Cleanser

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100 ml


About Product

  • Description : A daily, gentle exfoliating, face cleanser. It combines BHA + LHA (Salicylic Acid + Capryloyl Salicylic Acid) in 2% concentration, which provides deep cleansing, pore decongestion & sebum reduction without drying out the skin.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 18 months

  • Ingredients : Salicylic acid, LHA

  • How to Use : 1. Use AM & PM. Wet face first. Pour an appropriate amount into wet hands, rub together into a light lather, and massage into face. Rinse thoroughly. 2. If you have sensitive skin, use only once a day. This is a mild sulfate-free cleanser and while it provides ample cleansing, it may not foam as much as a sulfate-based cleanser.

  • Manufacturer Name : Uprising Science Private Limited (Minimalist)

  • Manufacturer Address : Uprising Science Private Limited, 21, Aarna 2 Tower, Kartarpura Industrial Area, Jaipur-302006, Rajasthan.