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Maggi Masala Ae Magic

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About Product

  • Description : MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic is the magical & secret ingredient for those who cook daily as it enhances the taste of everyday food and makes them extraordinarily tasty with blend of 10 choicest, aromatic and roasted spices. This share bag contains 12 single-serve sachets which is used for a variety of dishes range from vegetables like Aloo Gobhi, Bhindi etc. to pasta, biryani and many more.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 8 months

  • Ingredients : Mixed spices (35.3%) (Roasted spice powder (17.5%)(Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric, Aniseed, Black pepper, Fenugreek, Ginger, Clove, Green cardamom powder, Nutmeg), Red chilli powder, Dehydrated onion, Dried garlic, Capsicum extract, Coriander extract, Cumin extract), lodized salt, Sugar, Starch, Flavour enhancer (635), Thickener (508), Palm oil, Acidity Regulator (330), Natural flavouring substance, Mineral, Colour (150d) and Vitamin. May Contains Wheat, Milk, Mustard and Soy

  • How to Use : 1. Cook your dish as you normally do. 2. Sprinkle a sachet of MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic towards the last 2 to 3 minutes of your cook. 3. Give it a stir & your extraordinary dish is ready.

  • Manufacturer Name : Nestle India Ltd

  • Manufacturer Address : Nestle India Ltd, Nestle House, Jacaranda Marg M Block, DLF City Phase II, National Highway 8, Gurgaon 122 002, India.

  • Nutritional Info : Energy: 166 kcal, Protein: 4.2 g, Carbohydrate: 30.7 g, Total Sugars: 13.5 g, Added Sugars: 12.6 g, Fiber: 9.1 g, Total Fat: 2.9 g, Saturated Fat (not more than): 1.4 g, Trans Fat (not more than): 0.04 g, Sodium: 10916.0 mg, Iron: 240.00 mg, Vitamin B9: 1550.00 µg.