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L.G Asafoetida Powder

100 g


About Product

  • Description : LG Asafoetida Powder has a sturdy flavour and odour. Asafoetida makes Indian and other dishes easier to digest. In most Indian cooking it is used as a taste enhancer and once cooked releases an onion-like flavour. Amongst all the seasonings and mixes we use for Indian cooking, there is one spice that we only use a pinch of.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 18 months

  • Ingredients : Hing, Asafoetida, Gram Dhal, Black Gram Dhal, Chilly Roasted Gram, Seasame, Salt Below 10%, Coriander And Asafoetida.

  • Manufacturer Name : Miltop Exports

  • Manufacturer Address : Miltop Exports, Plot No-672/673, GIDC-II, Jamnagar-361004, Gujarat.

  • Nutritional Info : Per 100gm, Carbohydrate 73.26gm, Protein 10.14 gms, Fat 1.60gm, Calcium 0.83gm, Sodium 0.05gm, Iron 0.02gm, Vitamin C 2.39mg, Vitamin A, Fatty Acid A, Cholesterol, Calories 348 Kcal.