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Kwality Wall's Darkly Divine Chocolate Sensation Tub

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700 ml



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About Product

  • Description : This is a frozen dessert. Immerse yourself in the luxurious richness of Kwality Wall's Darkly Divine Chocolate Sensation Tub. Indulge in velvety chocolate ice cream, infused with intense cocoa flavors and adorned with decadent chocolate pieces for a truly indulgent experience. Perfect for chocolate enthusiasts seeking a premium frozen dessert, each spoonful delivers a perfect balance of creamy texture and deep chocolatey satisfaction. Ideal for any occasion where you crave a rich and delightful treat, Kwality Wall's Darkly Divine Chocolate Sensation Tub promises to elevate your dessert experience to new heights of decadence.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 12 months

  • FSSAI License : FSSAI No 10013022001897

  • Ingredients : Water, Chocolate Flavoured Confectionery (12%)( Water, Sugar, Milk Solids, Palm Oil, Cocoa Solids , Liquid Glucose, Maltodextrin, Emulsifier - E471, Stabilisers - E412, E410 And Contains Added Artificial Vanilla Flavouring Substance) Sugar, Palm Oil, Milk Solid Milk Compound Chips (4%), (E322), Dark Compound Chips (4%) (E322), Liquid Glucose, Cocoa Solids, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Protein (soy), Emulsifier - E471, Stabilisers - E410, E412, E407 , Contains Permitted Natural Colour - E150D And Synthetic Food Colour - E122, E133, And Added Flavour - Nature Identical Chocolate Flavouring Substances

  • Manufacturer Name : Hindustan Unilever Limited

  • Manufacturer Address : Hindustan Unilever Limited, Unilever House, B.D.Sawant Marg, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 099.