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Kids Digital Watch - Multifunctional- Green

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About Product

  • Description : •Brand: Se7en •Multifunctional Design: A versatile digital watch designed specifically for kids, featuring multiple useful functions. •Colorful and Fun: Vibrant green color that appeals to children's tastes and preferences. •Easy-to-Read Display: Clear digital display with large numbers, perfect for young children learning to tell time. •Durable Build: Sturdy construction to withstand active play and daily wear. •Comfortable Wear: Soft and adjustable strap for a secure and comfortable fit on small wrists. •Water Resistance: Designed to resist splashes and brief immersion in water, suitable for everyday use. About this Product: The Kids Digital Watch in vibrant green combines functionality with a playful design, making it an ideal accessory for young ones. With its easy-to-read display and durable build, this watch is perfect for teaching time management and enhancing independence. Whether for school days or outdoor adventures, it ensures reliability and style that kids will love.

  • Country of Origin : India