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India Gate Basmati Rice Mogra (Broken)

5 kg



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About Product

  • Description : It is hard to miss the amazing aroma of India Gate Basmati Rice Mogra from a distance; the fine long grains and the aromatic flavour simply stir up your appetite. The India Gate basmati Mogra can be uniquely identified by the length of the grain and the fragrance which makes your pulao, biriyani and risotto all the more appealing.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 24 months

  • Ingredients : Basmati Rice

  • Manufacturer Name : KRBL Ltd

  • Manufacturer Address : KRBL Ltd, C-32, 5th Floor, Sector-62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301

  • Nutritional Info : Energy--344kcalProtein--6.7gCarbohydrate--77gFat--0.5gDietary Fibre--1.4gPotassium--105mgMagnesium--65mgPhosphorus--120mgThiamine--0.45mgRiboflavin--0.05mgNiacin--4.1mg