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Cadbury Oreo Vanilla Flavour Creme Sandwich Biscuit




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About Product

  • Description : OREO: milk's best friend for over 100 years! Cadbury OREO Vanilla crème sandwich biscuit consists of two chocolatey biscuits with a rich vanilla crème filling between them. Twist, lick and dunk! Enjoy OREO sandwich cookie with a glass of milk or add it to your favourite recipes like cakes and milkshakes! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to OREO crème biscuits to make your own creamy dessert

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 9 months

  • Ingredients : Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Sugar, Fractionated Fat, Palmolein, Cocoa Solids (3%*), Invert Sugar, Starch, Leavening Agents (500(Ii), 503(Ii)), Iodised Salt, Emulsifier (322), Nature Identical Flavouring Substances. Allergen Information: Contains Wheat, Sulphite, Soy. May Contain Milk And Barley.

  • Manufacturer Name : Mondelez India Foods Private Limited

  • Manufacturer Address : Mondelez India Food Pvt. Ltd, Unit No. 2001, 20th Floor, Tower-3 (Wing C), Indiabulls Finance Centre, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  • Nutritional Info : Energy, 483 kcal,Added Sugars, 38.7 g,Total Fat, 19.6 g,Saturated Fat, 9.7 g,Trans Fat, 0.1 g,Sodium, 420 mg,Protein, 5.2 g,Carbohydrate, 71.9 g, Total Sugars, 38.8 g, Cholesterol, 0 mg.