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Vifitkit Plastic Bat Artic Blue

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  • Description : Introducing the Vifitkit Plastic Cricket Bat, a groundbreaking fusion of innovation, durability, and eco-conscious design. Precision-crafted with high-quality eco-friendly PVC material, the Plastic Tennis Cricket Bat for Men transcends conventional boundaries, setting new standards in cricketing excellence. Vifitkit embraces sustainability with a reduced environmental footprint, delivering top-tier performance that aligns with your passion for the game. Elevate your cricketing prowess with the Vifitkit Turf Bat's hard plastic construction, engineered for relentless power and enduring resilience. Hit boundaries with confidence, match after match, as the premium quality build caters to the discerning enthusiast who values excellence in every stroke. The anti-slip rubber grip of the Vifitkit Heavy Plastic Cricket Bat ensures absolute control, allowing you to play Gully Cricket, Tournament Match, etc. with precision and confidence. Whether in a friendly neighbourhood match or a competitive game, the Vifitkit Cricket Bat adapts to your style, offering versatility suitable for players of all skill levels. Beyond performance, revel in the stylish aesthetics of the Vifitkit Plastic Cricket Bat, standing out on the field with a perfect blend of form and function. Specifications include a length of 83 cm, width of 12 cm, and a sleek black and blue color scheme, making the Vifitkit Turf Bat an exceptional choice for men and adults alike.

  • Country of Origin : India