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Saffola Active Honey – 100% Pure

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About Product

  • Description : Saffola Honey Active is made with multiflora honey including delicious Sundarban forest honey. It is naturally sweet, aromatic, and fruity, thus bringing goodness of Forest honey for your Active life. Honey is natural source of nutrition, has antioxidants, helps building immunity and is natural source of energy. It can be used with warm water in morning for helping in weight management.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 18 months

  • FSSAI License : 1.0012E+13

  • Ingredients : Honey (100%)

  • Manufacturer Name : Ameya Foods

  • Manufacturer Address : Ameya Foods, S. F. No-315, Angels Garden, Nagamanaicken Palayam, Pattanam (PO), Ondipudur (Via), Coimbatore - 641016.

  • Nutritional Info : Energy(Kcal) 325,Protein (g) 0.25,Carbohydrate (g) 81,Total Sugar (g) 81,Fat (g) 0