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Kotex Overnight Period Panties - M-L



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About Product

  • Description : Period Panty - M-L - 10 units. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, Is it a panty? Is it a pad? Well, it's both. Enjoy the absorption of a pad with the fit of a panty, without it feeling bulky. 1 panty = ~3 regular pads! GOT YOU COVERED, 360 degree anti leakage protection for those days when wider and longer pads just do not cut it. We have crafted a wraparound design to ensure there is no staining no matter how you sleep or move. CLOUD LIKE SOFTNESS, We know you like next level softness. Meet our airy-soft fabric and forget about rashes and chafing. ABSORBS IT ALL, Chill out in your PJs without worrying about stains. We are here to keep your nights comfy, with our deep absorb core, made with 10x more power-absorb material. SOAKS WETNESS FOR UP TO 12HRS.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 36 months

  • Manufacturer Name : Kimberly Clark