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Daily Good Walnut Broken Kernels

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  • Description : Daily Good Walnut Broken Kernels offer a convenient way to enjoy the wholesome goodness of walnuts in your daily diet. Sourced from the finest-quality walnuts, these broken kernels are packed with essential nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, that support overall health and well-being. Whether sprinkled over salads, added to baked goods, or enjoyed as a standalone snack, Daily Good Walnut Broken Kernels provide a rich and nutty flavor with a satisfying crunch that will leave you feeling nourished and energized. With their versatile use and convenient packaging, they're the perfect addition to your pantry for all your culinary adventures. Elevate your meals and snacks with the nutritional powerhouse of Daily Good Walnut Broken Kernels and enjoy the benefits of nature's bounty with every bite.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 120 days