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1 pc (Approx. 400g - 500g)


About Product

  • Description : Coconut is high in fiber and low in carbs, so it helps control blood sugar levels in our bodies. Coconut meat and water contain numerous antioxidants that fight against factors causing cell damage. The antioxidant also reduces the risk of many diseases such as cancer.

  • Country of Origin : India

  • Shelf Life : 8 days

  • Storage Instructions : Store in a cool, dry place.

  • How to Use : Grated coconut is used in South Indian cookery to prepare gravies, curries, and other dishes. For usage in baked products or candies, coconut is shredded or flakes. Flavor enhancers such as coconut milk, cream, and water are used in recipes. Coconut can be used to produce chutneys, podis, and sweets such as pongal and barfi.