Shop for groceries like its 2023

August 23, 2023

Shop for groceries like it’s 2023

45 hours. It’s almost horrific if you think about it. To waste 45 hours in a year going to and fro to the grocery store, and the mindless chores when you can do so much more. Like, re-watch The French Dispatch or Oppenheimer. Or Binge on all of Wes Anderson’s AND Christopher Nolan’s masterpieces! That’s 24 mind-bending feature films and possibly a better use of your 45 hours vis-a-vis grocery shopping 👻

People spend way too long getting their groceries sorted. How long exactly, you ask?

Time Trap: The lost hours of grocery shopping each month

Types of grocery runs

The biggest one

The freshness hunt

Last minute needs

The different kinds of haul-runs

the atta, rice, shampoo gang

to get the fruits, veggies, meat

milk, bread, eggs on repeat

How many runs?




The time travel

🚗 27x2=54

🏍️ 11x2=22

🚶 6x2=12

Shopping time

88 mins

18 mins

11 mins

Billing time

11 mins

4 mins

2 mins

What's the damage?

153 mins

44 mins

25 mins

In case your calculator isn't functioning, that's 222 minutes in a month; or 3.7 hours to be exact. And since you're going every month, that's an unbelievable 44.4 hours a year. Just gone.

A few decades ago, your folks had to go to the market to get everything from spices to meats and veggies.

Walking through gulleys to find the right store was like some sort of an urban exploration game, without any of the fun but with all the stress. And, absolutely no leveling up.

Then you shopped smart and modern at the mart. But it turned out to be an endless maze of aisles, where pasta was present but cheese was absent. The billing line was longer than a line to Taylor Swift's Eras tour, while the store itself was as crowded as the parking lot at an IPL match.

None of that anymore. Not in 2023, not ever. Because we changed the system. You’re no longer at the mercy of traffic -of the store, or of long delivery times. We simplified that, took all that time, and reduced it to just 10 minutes.

Freshly-sourced fruits, vegetables, and meats straight from local farmers, so you don’t have to go hunting for the best. We pack it all in, from your monthly staples to last-minute munchies in under 76 seconds. And, we bring them to your doorstep, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

You’ve got your time back.

Now that you aren’t stuck in the old ways of the grocery shop, here’s what you can do:

  1. Finally, complete that online degree
    Everyone's getting certified, and so can you. Learn the basics of AI yourself so the robots can't replace you or delve into French so your language learning app doesn't threaten you anymore.
  2. Tea time with your four-legged bestie
    Why would you spend time at the mart, when you can spend it playing with your precious doggies or vivacious kitties? Beats us, and we spoke to your pets, it beats them as well.
  3. Learn how to juggle or Zumba
    ou can sign up for that class in your neighbourhood you've been eyeing all these days, or be your own master, switch on YouTube, and let the learning begin.
  4. Ramsay it up in the kitchen
    Since your groceries arrive in 10 minutes, you can cook everything from nihari to spaghetti alfredo to dal makhani. That's right, more time to experiment in the kitchen.
  5. Spontaneous adventure, anyone?
    Catch the latest movie or head to the theatre, you've missed out on so many prime-time events. Now's your chance to stay inspired with your ever-ready adventurous spirit.

Just be what you want to be. You've conquered time, it's a luxury that was once not in your control, but it is now. Choose this free slot to make yourself happy.

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The possibilities are endless. That’s how we help. We save time. So you can focus on making moments that matter: for yourself and your family. We deliver surprises.